Report Writing for NGO's

Good written English is essential for the NGO workers of today. Most NGOs are in constant need of funding, and requests for that funding are almost always done in writing. In order to make the right impression and win the support of donors, your written presentation of your organization and its ideas and projects needs to be of high quality. In addition, many other activities that NGO workers participate in, such as making presentations at international or regional conferences or describing an organization’s vision and objectives on a website, require high-level writing skills.
This course is designed for upper-intermediate speakers of English who have mastered the basics of business writing.  It focuses exclusively on important aspects of report writing.
·         Preparing and planning reports that meet their intended purpose, writing reports that conform to standards of acceptable style and language, and effective proofreading and editing.
·         Writing reports that reflect observations during monitoring sessions, as well as evaluation reports that are important for effective project management
·         Creating action plans that identify the target groups for projects, as well as how challenges will be addressed and objectives will be achieved
·         Planning and writing complete reports for donors that cover all elements of the proposed project, including the justification for the project, an ‘activities and implementation’ timeline, methodology, and all the human, material and financial resources required
This is a ten-hour course that includes group discussion and writing exercises, as well as peer review and feedback sessions. It can be modified according to the number of participants, their background and objectives.

Given as an in-house training.
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