Tripoli - Teens

Keeping the mind active during the summer months is crucial for the academic success of your teen. Studies have shown that when teenagers are deprived of reading practice and learning exercises during their summer vacation, they tend to lose a significant amount of what they learned during the previous school year and do worse in the subsequent school year. 
The Skillz Summer Teen English Course, designed for ages 12-15, provides an opportunity for students to improve their English skills during the summer. In small groups, students will read and engage with short articles and texts. Under the direction of experienced teachers, students will discuss and learn to analyze and appreciate a variety of texts. 
In this course students will: 
● Build reading comprehension skills 
● Develop new vocabulary and increase English fluency
● Learn and discuss themes within various texts 
● Discover new genres with the hope of increasing individual reading enjoyment
● Actively participate in class discussions to increase speaking confidence
● Increase analytical and interpretation skills
Price for the summer course of one month is $200

Starts July 10 till July 28
Monday till Thursday from 10 - 12pm
Price: $200 (all material included)