SAT Preparation Courses

The SAT is a standardized test designed to measure students' ability in three areas: reading, writing and mathematical reasoning. 

The Skillz SAT course is 38 hours long. In this course students will learn how to approach each section of the test and crucial strategies for getting a higher score. Students will become familiar with the test format and practice many types of questions in an interactive and supportive setting. At Skillz, students are actively involved in their own learning process; asking questions and brain storming is encouraged. In this motivating atmosphere, students and their teacher will work together to learn and master the skills necessary to achieve high scores on the SAT.

The SAT preparation is followed by a mock exam, which recreates the testing conditions of the actual SAT exam. The results of the mock exam will be discussed with each student during a 20 minute personal interview with the teachers. Our effective test preparation course will allow students to face the SAT with confidence.

A Skillz course will provide:

A diagnostic test, given at the start of the course to assess strengths and weaknesses.

·       Explanations of the different strategies to be applied during the official SAT test.

·       Lots of practice, all sections are thoroughly practiced.

·       Classes of maximum 10 students each

·       Native English teachers with extensive knowledge of the SAT

·       AUB Math majors for the Math sections

·       A SAT mock exam

·       A one-on-one personal review with their teacher(s) after the mock exam

Summer schedule:

·       3 July till 15 July

·       17 July till 29 July

·       31 July till 12 August

·       14 August till 26 August

·        8 August till 9 September


The review takes place the Monday afternoon after the completion of the course.

All classes are from 10am till 1pm

Price: $450 (including book)

Call for more information and registration: 01-584234
    * maximum students per class is 10 and classes fill up rapidly, register in advance!

If students did not get their required score they are entitled to participate in free sessions before they sit their second official SAT exam.

Skillz provides this free Math and free English session in October and November just before the official SAT exam.


Intensive 2 weeks in the summer
Mon - Sat: 10am till 1pm
Price: $450
SAT Preparation Course