Teen English class

Skillz has developed a unique Teen English Language course for young teenagers. 

In summer teenagers (12-15) can participate in a Teen English Language course at Skillz. Different English stories, articles and speeches are used to learn correct grammar and to get the students talking. Each course takes two weeks, a student can take one, two or all of the sessions. In small groups articles, stories and speeches that have interested students since a long time will be discussed.
This is an exciting, vibrant and interactive class!

Why use articles, stories and speeches to learn English?

Reading and discussing articles, short stories and speeches is an excellent tool to teach students how to speak English. The texts are a conversation starter, grammar will be learned while actively expressing ideas. It is an interactive way to practice speaking English. In a unique setting with inspiring teachers you children will develop their English skills.

In small interactive groups (max 10), under the guidance of enthusiastic and inspiring native English teachers, students will:
·        Read and discuss different texts
·        Enjoy practicing their speaking skills
·        Develop skills for reading
·        Discover new words
·        Practice grammar
·        Learn to communicate confidently
Teen English course (20 hours)
Monday - Friday from 3 - 5pm
Cost: $200

Next course starting August 28 (20 hours)
Monday till Friday from 10 - 12 PM
Cost: $200