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Adobe Photoshop 2D - for Architect


This course is designed to help students and architects to quickly learn the techniques of rendering a 2D architectural drawing on Photoshop.

It is addressed for designers who have very basic knowledge of the software and who wish to develop their skills in simple, fast, and effective ways.

By the end of the sessions, students will be able to create an expressive 2D representation of their designs and ideas, using texturing, shading, blending, and shadowing.

Below the detailed outlines:

  • Prepare a clean and well organized Autocad file to be imported into Photoshop
  • Canvas size, resolution and reference points
  • Layers naming and tagging for clearer navigation
  • Useful shortcuts for quicker results
  • Saving, cleaning and defining patterns
  • Area selection methods and alpha masks
  • Surface fills and pattern overlays
  • Pattern manipulation within the layer
  • Using duplicated transforms to create accurate and consistent shadows
  • Using angle snaps for hand-drawn shadows
  • Overlaying images to stylize repetitive surfaces
  • Finding and importing png elements
  • Working with silhouettes
  • Blending additional elements into the scene using Hue and Saturation
  • Using exports from the 3D model to texturize the drawings and fill the backgrounds

It is recommended to have your own drawings and designs available to work on. So by the end of the training, you will have an impressive project to be added to your portfolio. Having similar examples or styles that you wish to recreate is a plus too.

Remember! Practice makes perfect. It is never enough to learn the skills. Always spare time to work on the techniques and find the ways that suit you best. Anyone can learn Photoshop, but it takes time and effort to become a Photoshop Artist.

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