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Physics Support


The Physics Support classes are given online. Learning is based on a full understanding of all concepts and on practicing previous exams.

The class provides support to students facing official exams and for those who need further practice in order to excel in their upcoming exams.

Skillz can help:

  • Students struggling with Physics subjects in school and/or who are preparing for official exams
  • IB students taking Physics SL/HL
  • Bac Français students struggling with “Physique-Chimie”
  • Engineering students

Sometimes going back to basics and filling in gaps will help in understanding the different Physics concepts better and restore self-confidence. Students will now face their exams with reduced stress, remain focused during the exam, and increase their chances of a high score.

Classes Location

Phone: 01-584234


Start: TBC

Time: Flexible

Size: Private sessions online

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