English Entrance Examination (EEE)


The English Entrance Examination (EEE) is designed to determine a student's English proficiency level before acceptance to an English language university.

The EEE assesses listening and reading comprehension by testing the ability:

  • to recognize the standard written English through either direct Grammar questions or Sentence Structure questions.
  • to read and understand vocabulary in context.

In addition, the EEE assesses student’s competence in content development, content organization, coherence of ideas, sentence construction, vocabulary, grammar and language mechanics.


Here are a few tips for you!

1- Memorize Grammar Rules

It’s useful to memorize grammar rules to reduce confusion and save time. Even if you think you're pretty good at grammar, it’s not always enough to just go by what "looks right" to you.


2- Guess Wisely

First eliminate the obvious wrong answers.

Then if two remaining answers are grammatically correct, pick the more concise one.

Being able to answer grammar questions correctly requires knowing not just what the grammatically correct choice is, but which is the best grammatically correct choice.


3- Look for Direct Evidence

Questions may sometimes seem subjective; the reality is that you should always be able to find direct evidence in the passage to support your answers.


4- Skim the Paragraph before Answering Rhetoric Questions

Don't be too comfortable thinking that you can answer rhetoric questions just by reading through the specific sentence the question asks about. Instead, skim through the paragraph as a whole and then attempt the rhetoric question.


5- Analyze, Then Write

It is very important to demonstrate that you fully understood the subject and can write a clear explanation and build an argument effectively.


6- Circle the Bubble on the Answer Sheet Clearly

Your answer sheet is scored by a machine that can’t tell whether you meant to mark an answer or not. Make sure you darken the bubble of your chosen answer, erase completely an answer if you wish to change your answer and don’t make notes on your answer sheets.


7- Don’t Waste Time

Don’t linger too long on questions you are not sure of. Move on and go back to unanswered questions if you have time. Make sure not to mark the bubble of the skipped question!


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