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Report Writing


Lacking confidence about your report writing skills because you've never had any experience in writing reports?

Panicking because you're supposed to be writing a report and you've no idea where to start?

Sick of wasting hours worrying about how to summarize all that research into a logical shape?

Or maybe you write reports regularly but you're just not getting the results or feedback you'd like from your reports?

If any of these sound like you, call us now!

This course is designed for upper-intermediate speakers of English who have mastered the basics of business writing.  It focuses exclusively on important aspects of report writing.


  • Preparing and planning reports that meet their intended purpose, writing reports that conform to standards of acceptable style and language, and effective proofreading and editing.
  • Writing reports that reflect observations during monitoring sessions, as well as evaluation reports that are important for effective project management
  • Creating action plans that identify the target groups for projects, as well as how challenges will be addressed and objectives will be achieved
  • Planning and writing complete reports for donors that cover all elements of the proposed project, including the justification for the project, an ‘activities and implementation’ timeline, methodology, and all the human, material and financial resources required

It can be customized according to participants needs.

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